How to Get the Best Cash Back Credit Cards

With hundreds of different credit cards available to consumers today, card issuers are always finding ways to entice people to apply for and use their cards. One common method is to provide rewards for using the card, such as giving cardholders back a certain percentage of their purchases back as a discount.

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Here is some advice to consider when shopping for a cash back credit card:

First, consider how much cash back you are going to receive and what the requirements are to get that rate of cash back. While many card issuers advertise high amounts of cash back, that rate may only be applicable if you make purchases totaling over a certain dollar amount each year.

Furthermore, verify on 소액결제현금화 what types of purchases the cash back applies. Some credit cards give higher cash back amounts if you buy merchandise from certain selected merchants, or generally on some specific products or services (gasoline, office supplies, groceries, etc).

Also, take note that certain transactions, such as cash advances at ATM’s, balance transfers or cash-like purchases (casino chips, money orders, wire transfers, etc) do not normally qualify to get cash back.

You should also mind the annual fee on the card. If a certain credit card charges you a high annual fee, you would need to make a lot of purchases in the year in order to cover the annual fee and still benefit from a cash back amount. As well, try to avoid leaving a balance on a cash back credit card, as it will accrue interest, which will quickly negate the benefits of getting cash back.

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