Mind and Muscle – The Supplement Placebo Effect – Is it the Supplement, Or Your Mind Working?

Back during World War II, the medics and hospitals would often run out of painkillers and would give their patients the latest and greatest painkiller, peace of mind.Sometimes they would inject the soldiers with what they were told to be morphine, but was actually a healthy dose of saline solution, or saltwater Private label turkey tail. The good news is that, when injected with the “morphine,” most of the soldiers’ pain would vanish, at least temporarily.

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The medics weren’t exactly tricking the soldiers; they were activating a placebo effect. The placebo effect is basically a series of reactions in the brain that can change its psychological or physiological functioning. Like in the example of the soldiers, they thought they were getting morphine, which they know dulls the pain immediately, but they were given saltwater. The reaction was the same; it cancelled out the pain, at least temporarily. The reason for this is because your brain controls your body, and your mind can subconsciously control your brain.

The placebo effect spills over into the muscle gaining environment through other drugs known as supplements. The truth is, many of the supplements on the shelves don’t actually contain any active ingredients that would cause someone to gain muscle. Some supplements are like a shot of saltwater, they are useless and just get carried out. Other supplements have very little active ingredient, but not enough to account for any muscle growth that someone might experience while on the supplement.

Most muscle gaining hopefuls don’t simply walk into a store and purchase any flashy tub of powder they see. They usually make “informed” decisions based upon what they’ve read in magazines or heard from others. In most cases, when someone starts taking a dietary supplement for the first time, it’s a leap of faith. They are using the supplement for one simple reason, because they believe it will work.

The belief is key here. When you believe something completely, and back it with emotion, you can accomplish things that once seemed impossible. This includes physiological changes, or changes to the body. By thinking and believing that the supplement that was just consumed will cause muscle growth, the brain takes it as instructions. Basically, because of the individual’s strong conviction, the person’s brain will actually get to work and start the muscle building process. It will do this because it was told to do it.

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