Should I Install a Wet Room in My Home?

Wet rooms have become very fashionable in Europe over the last 10 years, with more and more people making the switch from conventional shower trays or bathrooms. In this article we examine the pros and cons of wet rooms and have a look at the various design aspects that should be considered.

Fully tanked room – The entire floor area with a turn-up of 100mm onto the walls plus the complete wall height in the immediate shower area are tanked waterproofed with an approved waterproofing system  마곡노래방. With a conventional shower tray only the tray itself is waterproof and water can often track around the edges of the tray, leaking into the area underneath.

Drainage System – In a wet room the waste outlet is positioned at the lowest point in the room, it also has a clamping system for sealing to the waterproofing. The trap is removable from above, meaning that it can be maintained in case of a blockage without disturbing any of the tiling or other finishes.

Aesthetics – Probably the main single reason that people choose wet rooms is the way they look. Wet room designs tend to be very uncluttered. The chosen floor finish continues throughout, including the wet area of the shower. Any screens included are normally simple and minimalistic, often with a milled glass leading edge and very little by way of metal or plastic frames and trims.

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