When Is a Good Time to Start Prepping in Case of an Economic Collapse?

Many people sense that there is something wrong with the direction our country is taking. The media reports are contradictory, and often do not make sense. The government is chipping away at our second amendment rights, and concentrates on issues that have absolutely nothing to do with trying to restore our limping economy. If no drastic actions are taken, the U.S. will soon join Western European countries, like Spain, Greece, and Portugal. Are we next on the road to bankruptcy?

The alarming news alerts about our failing economy are steadily increasing. Unlike an echo 7.62×39 bulk ammo , these disconcerting reports are not fading away. Actually, they become more urgent every time they resurface. What does this mean? Now is the right time to start preparing if you want to secure a future for you and your loved ones.

All the signs are there that the U.S. is quickly approaching a catastrophic economic meltdown. Do not dismiss this statement as frivolous, because you will soon realize what really goes on in this country. Do not believe the false hope the government is spreading. We are broke, and that is the bitter truth. In fact, we are spiraling deeper into debt with every passing minute, and our leaders are not doing anything about it. Political debates are not going to fix the problem. We need actions – now.

The problem this nation is facing is not only at an economic level; we also have to deal with the fact that many important manufacturing plants and jobs were outsourced. All our remaining industries are producing less. Imagine what would happen if those countries we import from, suddenly decide to cut us off. How can we provide food, clothing, fuel, and other essentials for all our citizens?

Contrary to the rhetoric coming out of capital, do not count on our farmers to feed the nation. Farming communities have been struggling for decades. They earn little for their hard work, and have been held captive by Monsanto, a leading producer of genetically engineered (GE) seeds. This company monopolizes the seed market, and sues everyone who is uncooperative. Add the back-to-back droughts the country experienced in the last years, as well as the dwindling global food reserves, and you come to the realization that this is actually a good time to plan a survival garden.

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