Vivo V21 Pro Newest Mobile Phone In India

The Vivo V21 Pro comes with a lot of innovative features. Most of these features come along with the global release of the handset. In fact, this handset has so many features that it has already become one of the most sought after phones all over the world. And it is not only in the developed countries like UK, US and Australia that Vivo phones are being used Vivo V21 Pro . One can also find the device being used in the emerging markets like Latin America.

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Now, the Vivo V21 Pro has been launched at a really low price and it has already attracted a lot of takers. Well, that was before the global launch date of course. On 7 July, Vivo launched the new version of its smartphone -the Vivo V21 Lites. This time around, there were more impressive features than ever before on the handset.

With the launch of the Vivo V 21 Lites, Vivo has managed to bring out another variant of its phones. This time around, the company has launched the Vivo V 21 Pro version in Spain, the Latin American country that is known for its high quality manufacturing. The Pro variant is priced very reasonably, especially when compared to other models in the market. Since the device comes with a price tag of just Rs 7,500 (in Indian currency) the device has definitely drawn a lot of attention.

One of the interesting features of this smartphone is the built in camera. The camera is placed at the back of the device and works as a miniature camera allowing the users to capture photos and videos with the help of a small hand lens. The 5.2 inch HD screen size of the device allows the user to view the images directly on the handset itself. The user can also take as many videos as he/she wishes and can do so from the comfort of their residence without having to bother about any connectivity issues.

Apart from the camera, the Vivo smartphone comes with a quad core processor from Samsung that has been clocked using an ARM processor. The processing unit has also been optimized for Android devices and therefore, the device performs flawlessly even in the most demanding of applications. Another notable feature of the Vivo smartphone is the presence of the MSM-RT chipset that comes preloaded with the Android operating system. The chipset features an ARM license and therefore, the device is capable of performing task like SMS, MMS, email, browsing and downloading of apps almost effortlessly.

However, the high end device from Vivo doesn’t end at the processors and the other internal components; the Vivo smartphone also offers a neat looking body with metallic finish to it. The power key located at the top gives the users a complete control over the different functionalities of the smartphone and the buttons as well are elegantly done. To conclude, the Vivo y 72 is one impressive smartphone that packs a punch despite being a relatively small handset in comparison to its competitors.

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