All You Need to Start Your Own Blog

Blog is actually short for “Web log”, although these days nobody even uses the term and the origin of the word will probably be lost to history at some point because it’s not really that important. Except, the word “Blog” still has this connotation of an online diary. This is certainly a use for it but the reality is unless you’re a celebrity there won’t be terribly many people interested in reading about your daily life, especially if you don’t manage to turn every post into an adventure. So the first thing you should ask yourself on your journey to starting a blog is what the blog is going to be about?

The movie Julie and Julia featured a woman from Queens, New York who was cooking her way through Julia Childs’ cookbook and blogging about it pii_email_ca406694fa91d858906c . That wasn’t the original purpose of her blog but it became largely about that journey and this made her blog very popular. If you’re looking to start a blog then you must have some desire to connect with an audience, and if you’re looking to really connect with them and want to gather a big audience then you need to be interesting. You need to have a hook.

Some of the most popular blogs on the web today are blogs that are either instructive, offer commentary on specific subjects, or review cool stuff. On the instructive side, one wildly popular (in advertising revenue) blog specializes in home improvement projects. Another is a technology blog that features articles designed to help people get the most out of their gadgets. There are also blogs that focus on sports commentary, political views, or follow industry news for cool stuff like gadgets or movies. Sites that review gadgets, movies and other cool stuff can also be popular. To have a successful blog you don’t need to choose one of these things, you just need to understand what it is about them that makes people want to read. Whether the idea for your blog is completely derivative, somewhat original, or a completely original concept, it needs to be interesting to keep readers coming back and get them to tell their friends to come and read also.

Once you have come up with your concept and you know what your blog is going to be about, the next step is to get a domain name, hosting and some blog software. Domain names can be as cheap as $10 per year or even less. Hosting can be had for under $5 per month in some places. The software used to build the site can be pay or free. Many people use the free software WordPress for their blogs. You don’t need to know how to program, it is as easy to use as a Facebook account and it can be customized fairly easily as well. If you need help, or if you definitely want some professional design for a logo and stuff like that it is not too expensive to hire freelancers off sites like to do the work. Before you know it, you will be up and blogging. Good luck!

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