Want to Change the Future, Study Your Math and Go With Zero Robotics

Almost everyone loved that show “Robot Wars” and it was very cool indeed. Yes, that probably will be the wave of the future when it comes to security and military. Still, someone has to make all those robots and design that future; build them, program them, operate them, and plan for that potential eventuality. Those who do will be gainfully employed, and have a very rewarding career with a unique and highly sought-after skill.

Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training

However, don’t expect to be amongst the elite in the robotics industry if you don’t study your math today because those jobs will not be available to you in the future, unless you do. Robotic technicians, programmers, and those involved in developing all the applications will need robust knowledge of mathematics to do their jobs go math 4 grade. Yes, it is yet another reason to hit the books and study math in high school and college and work your way up the ladder taking the college prep classes and advanced mathematics courses.

There was a great article recently on the Zero Robotic Website. Oh so you are wondering what Zero Robotics is? It’s a high-school competition, put on by MIT, DARPA, and NASA which creates miniature floating robots at the ISS (International Space Station) which can fly in formation and do tasks. These miniature robots are called SPHERES for; Synchronized Position Hold Engage and Reorient Experimental Satellites. I mean this is WAY COOL STUFF!

Okay so, the MIT/High School Teams “had a “Pilot” event in 2009 with ten High School students (grades 9-12), a Nationwide Pilot in 2010 with over 200 High School students from 19 US states and a summer program (NASA Summer of Innovation) in 2010 with over 150 middle school students (grades 5-8).”

This is awesome no doubt but guess what? If you don’t study your math it is very doubtful that you’ll be able to participate. Those who study their math can enter the robotics programming competition, and their robots may be taken into space. Imagine participating in programs like these, and such programs are on-going throughout our nation, not just for space, but in all sorts of industries.

You can participate and find yourself in a lucrative niche in the future, that is if you hit those books today, study your math, and move your knowledge, talent, and know-how up that ladder. It all starts with a little math, and you are going to need to know it, that is if you want a piece of the robotic age and future. Please consider all this and think on it.

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