5 Tips For Church Builders

One of the most interesting things about the assemblies of God, besides all the praise that they are sung during the assemblies is that these assemblies were built without the offering of any money. Many people in the assemblies of God did not offer any money when they were building their churches and chapels. This was not because they were selfish or felt that money was wrong. Rather, it was because they understood that they were offering God an incredible gift that they had freely given Him. They knew that He could not have been better or more rich. assemblies of god church builders

We are all sons and daughters of God. When we offer our services to Him for His purposes, He knows exactly who we are and how we can best help Him. This is why the assemblies of God were founded so that we could have fellowship with Him. He needs people just like us to help Him with His work.

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If you have a desire to become a part of the assemblies of God, there are some prerequisites that you must meet. First, you must be willing to go out and do the work. No matter where you live, if you have a desire to join this growing body, you will have to do the work. Those who are willing to put forth the effort will receive the fruits of their labor.

Second, the elders in the assemblies of God must see that you are dedicated to your calling. You cannot be a good servant to God in the assemblies of God, unless you are also willing to dedicate yourself to the Lord. You cannot serve both God and the man of the church by the same means. Every person in the church who dedicates themselves to God is called to fill a certain role. There are church builders, teachers, preachers, ministers, and numerous other types of workers in the assemblies of God who have dedicated their lives to God and His Word.

Third, you must feel in your heart that you are willing to do whatever it takes to help build the church. You cannot just decide to stop doing your regular job and wait for the churches to need you. If you have been invited to assemblies of God program, and you feel that you can’t participate because you have a regular day job, then it is your responsibility to accept the invitation and go. Your willingness to go will show that you are ready and willing to help construct the church.

Fourth, you must never be discouraged or fail to persevere. Nothing is impossible for God. He can take you anyplace He wants you to go. We are His church, and He wants us to build it with Him.

Fifth, we encourage all who have committed themselves to the Lord to continue to pray and to exercise on a daily basis. God uses prayer to draw people closer to Him. He uses our exercise to strengthen us. When we are weak, He is stronger. We have heard that before, and it is still true today: God will never abandon us!

Lastly, remember that you are not alone. God has an important job for you to do, and that is to assemble you and your church to rebuild the church after it has been hurt. You are not weak, and you are not alone. God wants you to succeed, and he is ready to give you all the tools you need to accomplish this task. If you have been called to become a church builder, then you have been called to a great role!

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