Seecrets on Website Promotion: Marketing Plan for Joe Nogood Gift Store

Joe Nogood owns a small but thriving gift store. He is middle-aged and he dabbles in the stock market and has survived some major crashes in his time. He is an expert on gifts, having learned the skills over the years. There is only one word to describe him, ordinary.

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Joe has been studying the internet for months, surveying the battlefield, as he calls it. One day, he declared to Stan, his longtime buddy trendline trading . “The dotcom bubble has bottomed out, I see that we are at the beginning of a new uptrend. Let’s build an online store”.

Setting up a website is like setting up a business in a foreign land. Joe had to learn the foreign language (HTML, XML, PHP, Perl, CGI, Java, CSS, RSS).

The first stage was easy enough. They quickly decided on, it has a counterculture aura around it and a matching slogan as well – We’re Good at

Registering (domain name), finding a web-hosting company to host his site and finding a credit card processor to handle the credit card transactions were simple tasks. There are also some excellent open-source software that, with some basic knowledge, Joe and Stan built their website within two weeks.

The second stage is by far the toughest and will need stamina – website marketing and promotion. Having a website is like having a billboard pasted with your messages on an island. Now Joe needs visitors (hits) and bridges (links) to his little island.

When a consumer wants to find a product, 80% of the time, this person will use a search engine. Joe’s website has to search-engine friendly – when a search is made for a product or service at, Joe want his website’s page to be in the top 20 rankings (top 10 would be ideal). This is Joe’s first-year marketing plan.

Sending 48 Free-Reprint Articles a year

Joe’s marketing plan needs him to write 48 articles a year. He understood that his articles have to be original, informative, entertaining and in plain language. With his buddy during an all-night brainstorming session they agreed on a few ideas.

A Brief History of Gift-Giving would be a good start. Gifts for Positive Response might be another – not corruption, you blockhead, think about a prelude to a marriage proposal or motivating a teenage student to excel in his studies. Romantics may like to read Gifts for Your Love; the list goes on and on.

Perhaps, a possible topic may be Gift-Receiving Habits of Bushmen Americans, the ones concentrated in the D.C. area. Bushmen use strange language like “I wish to caveat my response” which is hardly understandable by the public. A follow-up article like Bushmen Gifts – the Impact on Iraq’s Economy may provide the scholarly reputation for Joe, a must-read for think tanks around the world.

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