Gmail Introduces a New Chat Feature

Gmail introduces a new chat feature which works effortlessly. Check for your friends who are online and get in touch with them either through chat or email. With the new Gmail feature, you save chats and use them whenever required in future. You can also print them and send your response over email.

Gmail has the Google Talk client, which you can download to make free voice calls through your computer สมัคร gmail. And there’s the Google Talk network. Gmail’s now on this network, which means that there are lots more people you can chat with right from your Gmail account.

Gmail’s chat features also resolve a lot of problems. Without switching between different interfaces, you can use the chat feature for an instant response. The friends you’re already emailing the most show up in your Quick Contacts as themselves. And you can save your chats so you never have to lose some important information.

To use the exclusive chat feature requires no upload or download. You may not be a fan of IM or you may not really need another IM service. Gmail is not another IM service. Just sign in to Gmail as always. When you see one of your friends online, it is always easy and convenient to chat than write emails and wait for a response. Sometimes, someone IMs you an important address and you manage to find it later in your saved chats using search. You just never know when it will come in handy.

On the left of the screen, the Quick Contacts box contains a list of names. You can start a quick chat or write an email by clicking on a name in Quick Contacts. The Quick Contacts lists have coloured balls which specifies the status of the contact-green means online, yellow means idle and red means busy.

Right at the beginning, you can decide to save chats in your account, but this can also be turned on or off in “Settings.” And when you’re chatting, use “Options” to go “off the record.”

When the new Gmail chat features are enabled, you choose whether you’d like chat histories saved to your Gmail account by default. You can also change this setting at any time from the Gmail “Settings” page. Saved chats are located in the “Chats” folder, where each chat is distinct, marked with the person you were chatting with and the date and time.

A very positive and good thing about this is that there are no pop ups and unwanted banners. Instead useful and interesting text ads and related links are displayed.

In Gmail, chats can be saved and used as email messages. You can view them, forward them to a friend or print and delete them. With Gmail, there are so many advantages. You can also send your response to a chat. It is also easy to search for a chat in records. All you need to do is type the keywords or the name of the person. Keep aside all worries as saving chat history saves all important information from your chats.

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