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Hello guys, are you searching for the Xbox customer service number then you are on a right place as you will get every number belong from domestic or international whatever you need you can get from this article so read the article with the full attention and get the number which you required and solve your issue with that number. As you know this Xbox is the video gaming brand which is developed by the Microsoft Corporation which is well known as well as the reputed company of the United States of America. The company knows very well that how to maintain the reputed as well how can they remains in the heart of people so they develop lots of sources by which they help the problems related with the product of the company. As the company develops all the sources for both domestic and international customer so you can easily resolve your issue with a couple of time. If you are facing with the problems of the product of Xbox Company then read the full article you will get the contact and by dialling you can get connected with the customer service and can solve your issue.

Microsoft Xbox Support For Your Assistance

Microsoft Xbox Support For Your Assistance, Xbox Support Number

You will really get happy to know that this company has develops many tricks through which you contact the customer care of Xbox Company directly and instantly, they have developed their service for the customer so that the customer can solve their issue and can remains satisfied with the company all time. We have collected all the numbers which the company has made for the customer’s service. We have included each and every number of Xbox brand so that you can get connects with customer service according to your needs looking of Xbox Tech Support.



The above number is the very old as well as very famous number of the Xbox Company and the above number is only for those people who live in the country like United States and Canada as well as Puerto Rico. The exact timing of receiving your call by the customer agent is like from 9.00 am to 1.00 am. Whenever you will dial the above number you will listen the sound that welcome to the Xbox customer care and some option related to your problems for example you will listen that to know you downloadable content please press 4 so, if you want to know the above things than you can press 4 and you will get the answer so, many options will be there as you can enter the number according to your problems and can get your answer.

Xbox Customer Service For Your Help

Now we are going to provide you another number of this company which is issued by the Xbox to solve your issue as this number is for those customers who have suffering lots of network issue in another number then they can dial the below number to solve their issue.

(866) 740-9269

(425) 635-7102

Before calling the above number you must have noticed that the above number is not toll-free so there must be some charge when you will call the customer executive. You can call the above number on any of the working time of the Xbox Company, if you don’t know the working time of above number then let me tell you the timing of the above number.

From Monday to Friday you can call them at any time from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm of Pacific Time but on the weekend the time is totally different as you can call them from morning 7.00 am to evening 6.00 am at the Pacific Time.

Xbox Number For Your Support

The Xbox company has developed or designed special number which is known as Xbox one support number for those ones who really want the support i.e. live support from the customer service then they can call the below number but the below number which for game window live support are also not toll free i.e. there is some fixed charged that will deduct from your phone while calling the customer service and the number is:

877 – 274 – 4349

Xbox Live Support For Your Solutions

Xbox Live Support For Your Solutions, Xbox one support number

Many of people looking for live support from the company, if you are one who really wants the live support from the company then under this heading you will get to know the way from which you can get the live support from the customer service of Xbox Company. If you want the life support from the company then there is certain things like you need the Microsoft account as well need to sign up with the account so with the help of account you can get the portal support or online support from the company but you have already an account then you can use your account for online support. Now we are going to provide a link through which you can sign in or sign up for the account and can get the portal help from the company.

The link to the online or live or portal support from the Xbox Company is given below:

The other link for the live chat or online support of this company is:

And there is also a forum made by the Xbox company, if you are searching for this forum then you can go through the below link:

Xbox Customer Support Number For The USA

If you are one who facing trouble with brans on the company Xbox and you belong the United then you no need to search number on the other place as in this heading you will the customer service number which is only working for the customer who are living in the united states they can call with the working time of company and get their solution to outcome from troubles.

The number of the customer service for the USA citizen is:

1 – 800 – 642 – 7676

The above number of the Xbox Company is not toll-free as the number looks like the toll-free number but it is not a toll-free number so when you call this number the charges must be deducted from your phone.

Xbox Live Customer Support

Xbox Live Customer Support

Many customers have different issues and problems, if you have problems, relates to Microsoft account transition to local currency then company has invented many the beautiful website for the support of the customer and if you are searching of that website you just click on the below link you will automatically redirect to the official website of the company and the link are:

And many of you are searching the site for the problems related to the billing address and if you are one who is really searching for the site for the problems then we have provided that link also and the link is:

Xbox Service For Making Your Ways Convenience

As you know the Microsoft corporation is really a big and well-known company and if you are facing problems with products of this company then the problems can only solve by the Microsoft customer service Xbox, you can also ask your queries through the twitter account of the company as the customer executive will look after your problems and will response instantly, yes, there is so many accounts are available on the name of the Xbox company so if you facing problems with the searching of real account of the company then you just have to click on the below link and you will get the twitter account instantly.

Xbox Phone Number In Your Assistance

The phone number of customer service is very important to solve your issue so under this heading of the article we will discuss the different number of the company so that you can get in touch with customer service of Xbox.  The company has developed almost all over the world and their service for the customer is also developed as they developed special number for each and every country so that the customer of both either domestic or international can solve their issue. So get attention on the below number and note down the number which you required and get help from the company as the company has appointed experts to help the customers and the number of the Xbox company for the different countries are:

The international direct dial number of US is: 425 – 635 – 7180

Australia: 1800 – 555 – 741

Brazil: 0800 – 891 – 9835

Colombia: 01 – 800 – 912 – 1830


  • Toll-Free: 000 – 800 – 440 – 1179
  • Toll-Free: 1800 – 11 – 11 – 00
  • Toll Number: +91 80 40103000
  • Toll-Free: 1800 – 102 – 1100

Singapore: 800 – 448 – 1330

Sweden: 020 79 1133

Spain: 900 94 8952

United Kingdom: 0800 587 1102

Xbox Mail Address

If you are looking for the mail address or postal address of the company with the fax number then take a view on the below where you will find the fax number as well as the address of the company

One way Microsoft Redmond,


98052 – 7329

United States

Phone number: 1 – 425 – 882 – 8080

Fax number: 1 – 425 – 706 – 7329

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