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Here, we are providing IRS phone number and there is no need worry too much to take the contact information of IRS ( Internal Revenue Service ) because we are with you in solving your every issue and we love to support you. You know many of the websites are available on the Internet those are making fraud and unable in providing genuine numbers but we have checked various types of methods for you to which you never face difficulties in finding the contact information of IRS phone numbers and there is also a coincidence with us that IRS have a lot of contact numbers and some of them are toll – free IRS customer service also and many of the online website help also giving by the Internal Revenue Service and we are with you in introducing you all the information which is useful for you in getting the IRS then, please make your sharp glance for making potential at the bottom of the page because we have listed all the relevant information below by which you may easily contact IRS and get the quick solution of your query then, please have look below

How to get IRS Customer service

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IRS is an agency which is really eager to make your help because you are the only helping person of IRS in making their revenue then, there is no need to worry too much to take that how may you get the internal revenue service phone number from Internal Revenue service because organisation has developed a lot of sources for your help.

Phone number for IRS

We assure you that you will never feel any problem in getting the contact source of the IRS Customer Service and there are some toll-free numbers also developed for your assistance by IRS and we are here for making your view on those all sources by which you may connect with IRS.

If you are in trouble like raining outside, some of the important guests are with you and you are looking you for contacting IRS then, you may make a phone call to Internal Revenue Service and there are a lot of contact numbers has been given on the internet regarding IRS contact but all contact numbers are not working but some of them was working at that time when we have checked but now, there is only toll-free number is in working and we have listed that toll-free number for you below this heading but before calling these number you need to look your issue again, means that your query is regarding what because IRS designed its customer support system some unique that if you are an individual taxpayer.

irs contact numers


The IRS provided a special of lRS number for you on which only individual taxpayer may contact to IRS and on the other hand IRS cares Businessmen also that’s why IRS developed a second number for Business purpose taxpayers plus if you are if you are trying to make order tax returns or Publications then, you need different number for telling about your query then, if you really need to know how to get relevant number according to your need then please look for knowing which type of query you are facing and which type of conversation you need to do with IRS customer service then, please make an eye below

These all are the toll-free customer service phone numbers of IRS then, please have a look below

IRS help line

If you need to discuss any type of query with an individual or joint tax filers purpose who need procedural or tax law information and need any type of support in filing your 1040-type individual returns plus section A and E and any query about general account information for form 1040 files then, you need to call on

800-829-1040      [ IRS Tax Help Line for Individuals ]

This helpline will be active from 7 AM to 7 PM.

There are more help line for IRS contact number then, now, this time we are providing you the contact number of IRS for those who needs to know any type of query of business purpose, partnership, corporations, trust and trusts and who needs to know about the details regarding Business or Business (BMF) type of accounts, query regarding Service cover employee identification card (EINs], Excise returns,  94x return, 1041, the 1120s, 1065, Estate and Gift returns matters plus you may call this listed below number if you have any query to Federal Tax Deposit then, number is listed below:

800-829-4933 { Business and Specialty Tax help Line }

This Helpline will be active from 7 AM to 7 PM.

IRS Contact

There are some more contact numbers of IRS listed below and this contact number is for those who need to check their status of your current year refund for both individual and business purpose plus Automated Service Interactive applications are also offered on this line then, please make glance on the number which is given below

800-829-1954 { This is known as the name Refund Hotline new helpline  }

This service will be available for 24/7.

IRS phone number for live person

There is one more relevant phone number to make contact IRS and we want to draw that phone number of IRS in your notice then, please take care these IRS phone numbers is for individual, business and tax practitioners and those who needs IRS tax forms, any type of instructions related tax publication or any other thing .

800-829-3676 { This is known as the name of forms and publications helpline  }

This helpline is available from 7 AM to 7 PM.

This toll-free number for deaf people assistance and we have checked this number for you then, please make a glance on that number which may be helpful for you.

800-829-4059 { This is known as the name of Telephone Device for the Deaf  (TDD) helpline  }

This is the irs number assistance for those who need help for oversea taxpayers and please remember one thing that this number is not toll-free then, please make a glance below for looking that number.

267-941-1000 { This is known as the name of overseas helpline }

We are also providing the electronic mail address of IRS which may direct connect you with IRS office


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