FedEx Customer Service Phone Number

Hey, Guys! How are you all? Our today’s topic for discussion is FedEx Customer Support Number which will help people a lot in discussing their issues with the team of FedEx. Customers will, therefore, connect with the representatives through the call & they will solve all the issues by giving best possible suggestions which would be required to solve the customer’s problems. Thus, it is the best place where everyone will get the solutions to their problems as we have mentioned every single detail in this article which people generally searches on the internet.

FedEx Phone Number

FedEx Phone Number, FedEx Customer Service Number


Generally, many people search for the contact details through which they can easily able to get in touch with the executives of customer support of FedEx who will solve all the queries or any other problem which is related to the services of FedEx. Thus, I personally think that the best way to connect with anyone now days is to connect on call and if we do so, we can easily explain all the things on call & understand well what others said. The best thing is that we can easily able to ask about the things at the same time without wasting a lot of time we can easily able to solve the issues. Please have a look at the phone number of FedEx which is given as follows.

FedEx Customer Support Number for International Services: 1800 22 6161

FedEx Customer Support Number for Domestic Services: 1800 419 4343

The customers can call the above-given numbers in order to easily connect with the customer care representatives of FedEx.

FedEx Customer Service Number

FedEx Customer Service Number, FedEx Customer Support – Number



Therefore, I have seen that there are many people who are not aware with the timings of FedEx Customer Service hours of operations due to which they have to go through a lot as they can unable to connect with the service providers so, we have given all the details of the hours of operations of FedEx Customer Support. The operations hours of customer support is given below, kindly have a look at the same.

Monday to Friday: 8:00 hrs. to 22:00 hrs.

Saturday: 8:00 hrs. to 16:00 hrs

Sunday: No Service

Public holidays other than Saturday & Sunday: 8:00 hrs. to 14:00 hrs.

NOTE: No inquiries, no pickups, or deliveries on public holidays.

These are the timings which the customer wants to before calling at the service centers of FedEx support. Now, people can easily reach to them & resolve all the queries or issues which they have regarding the services of FedEx.

FedEx Customer Support – Number, Email, Live Chat

 FedEx Customer Support – Number, FedEx Contact Us


Sometimes, people will unable to make a call due to some reasons or network issues so, in that cases they can use these alternate ways like write up everything in an email or they can do a live chat with the representatives through which they can easily able to connect with them & solve all the issues which the customers have.

However, generally, there are people who always prefer these ways of communication as they knew that most of the people prefer to call due to which they could not able to connect with them at the time. In order to do this, people wasted a lot of time in searching the website where they will get all the information regarding this so, we provided some links here through which they can easily able to go to the website & get all the required details.

FedEx Customer Service Email

FedEx Email

The link which we have provided above will help the customers in getting the email id of FedEx through which they can easily able to connect with the team of FedEx and they can mention all the issues which they have in the mail.

FedEx Log In Help

FedEx Log In

If the customer will click on this link then, they will be taken to the official website of FedEx where they will get all the options for log in & sign up.

FedEx Contact Us

FedEx Contact Us

Through this link, the customers will get all the contact details of FedEx Customer Support which would be helpful for them & they can connect easily with the FedEx team.

However, we have provided all the necessary information which the customers required & mention every possible thing which will definitely help the customers in solving all the issues. If anyone still have any issue or problem then, they can write up in the comment section which is below the article & mention all the things which they want to ask & we will give them the suggestions as soon as possible.









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